Hepatologist presented a rating of harmful alcoholic beverages

Bueverov, a hepatologist, presented a rating of harmful alcoholic beverages

Hepatologist, doctor of medical sciences, professor of the First Moscow State Medical University. I. M. Sechenova, Leading Researcher, MONIKI. M. F. Vladimirsky Alexey Bueverov presented “Arguments and facts» Rating of harmful alcoholic beverages.

The rating is based on the increase in the harmfulness of drinks. According to Bueverov, the first place is occupied by dry red wines.

A hepatologist explained that red wines have the most significant protective effect against cardiovascular disease compared to all other alcoholic beverages.

“This is explained by the large amount of polyphenols contained in dry red wine, and especially resveratrol”Buever said.

He added that in dry white wines such substances are significantly less. Also, dry wines have a very low sugar content.

The second place in the ranking is occupied by beer. As the doctor explained, his weak side is a fairly large amount of sugars. And the pluses are a decent amount of amino acids, minerals, vitamins and polyphenols. The most active component of beer is xanthohumol.

The third place is occupied by alcohol with a strength of about 40 degrees.

“In general, strong alcoholic drinks are more harmful, since ethanol is a carcinogen and its concentration is higher in them.”– Bueverov clarified.

The fourth place is occupied by sweet alcoholic drinks. They are considered the most harmful. These include semi-sweet and sweet wines, most fortified wines, cocktails.

“The main disadvantage of such sweet alcohol is a large amount of sugars. And they, in combination with ethanol, are especially harmful to the liver.– said the doctor of medical sciences.

Note that most doctors agree that there is no safe dose of alcohol.

The Ministry of Health of Russia is considering the option of introducing new anti-alcohol measures in the country, including the introduction of a ban on the sale of strong alcohol from 20:00 to 11:00. Among the possible steps to combat alcohol consumption are raising the minimum age for the sale of alcoholic beverages to 21 and empowering local authorities to impose restrictions on the sale of alcohol on weekends and holidays.


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