“Heavenly artistic director” Oleg Tabakov: five years since the death of the legendary director

Global Look Press |  Ekaterina Tsvetkova
Global Look Press | Ekaterina Tsvetkova

The Oleg Tabakov Theater team will remember the departed artistic director with several events. The director died on March 12, 2018 at the age of 82.

Five years have passed since the death of Tabakov, and the theater staff, relatives and friends of the actor cannot recover. Everyone continues to live their own lives, but several times a year everyone comes together to honor the memory of a person dear to them.

Events will start in the morning TASS. First, the artists and artistic director Vladimir Mashkov will go to the cemetery.

“All day long, a memorial dinner will be organized in the buffets of the theater. In the afternoon, the Tabakov Theater will host an excursion “Dedicated to the memory of Tabakov …”, the program says.

After lunch, the theater staff, together with Mashkov, will go to lay flowers and lamps at the sculptural composition Oleg Tabakov’s Atom of the Sun. Also, everyone can visit the foyer of the theater and see the photo exhibition “Oleg Tabakov is so different.” The event will last until March 20.

“He is never forgotten in the theater, everyone remembers what a bright person he was, what a powerful start to development he gave to the whole team. Understanding the profession, the first professional success for many of us is connected precisely with Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov, ”said Mashkov.

Theater staff will also post photo and video content on social media. Archival footage of Tabakov and information about his life will appear there.


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