Head of the European Commission assessed the situation with migrants at the Belarusian border


    The European Union believes that a “hybrid attack” is taking place on the border with Belarus, Ursula von der Leyen, head of the European Commission, told the MEPs.

    “We are talking about a hybrid attack from Belarus, we will continue to show solidarity with the border states. People should not be pawns in politics, as is the case on the border with Belarus,” she said.
    Von der Leyen also called for accelerating the adoption of a migration pact in the European Union, which was proposed earlier by the European Commission.

    “It is necessary to speed up the work on the development of the EU migration pact. It is necessary to manage migration processes. The issue is very controversial, but a compromise is possible,” the head of the EC said.

    She added that “Europeans oppose illegal migration, but many believe that migration stimulates economic growth. Also, the EU cannot abandon its humanitarian obligations.”


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