Happy New Year: First visit to this city of the world 2019, See VIDEO

Happy New Year 2019, Happy New Year
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The general population who were hanging tight for the 2018 goodbye and the landing of the new year originally respected the New Year in New Zealand. New Year was first invited in Auckland, New Zealand, on the planet. A huge number of individuals in Auckland praised the New Year. After New Zealand, the New Year was additionally invited in Sydney, Australia. Here the firecrackers of the Sydney Opera House are acclaimed everywhere throughout the world.

In addition to the world, people are preparing to welcome New Year in India too. The preparations for the reception of the New Year have been fulfilled in other big cities of the country including the capital Delhi. At 12 o’clock the new year will be celebrated.

At 12 o’clock in Sydney, Australia, the excitement reached the peak. Here the new year was welcomed with colorful fireworks.

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