Half of Sverdlovsk residents admitted that they do not know how to defend personal boundaries

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Almost half (44%) of Sverdlovsk residents consider their level of emotional intelligence to be average. They cannot always control their emotions, and also do not always understand the emotions of other people and have difficulty defending their personal boundaries. This is evidenced by survey data from hh.ru.

“Most often, respondents in the field of Tourism, Hotels, Restaurants (50%) do not know how to defend their boundaries,” the interlocutor said. The remaining 53% of Sverdlovsk residents reported that they have a high level of emotional intelligence and successfully defend their personal boundaries at work and at home. Most often, respondents from the professional fields “Security” (62%), “Retail Trade” and “Human Resources Management, Trainings” (60% each) spoke about having these qualities and skills.

Only 2% of residents of the region self-critically admitted that they have a low level of emotional intelligence and generally do not understand their own emotions and the emotions of others, and also do not know how to defend their personal boundaries. Most of these applicants were in the professional field of “Medicine, pharmaceuticals” (9%).


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