Half-mast flags, white banners… Paris commemorates the victims of feminicide

FEMMAGE The Council of Paris pledged last week to organize a ceremony every November 25 to pay tribute to women killed by their spouses, but it will be for next year

Flags at half mast, white banners… Paris commemorates the victims of feminicide

Crosses arranged during a demonstration against feminicides in Mexico (illustration). — RONALDO SCHEMIDT

  • The City of Paris is committed to organizing a major ceremony each year in memory of the victims of feminicide, on the occasion of the International Day Against Violence Against Women, November 25.
  • No ceremony this year, the deadline was too short, but banners will be displayed on the facade of the town hall and a communication campaign has been launched.
  • According to the assistant for gender equality Hélène Bidard, the number of complaints of sexual violence filed in Paris has increased by 25% this year compared to 2021.

A ceremony every year for women killed by their spouse and all victims of feminicide. This is one of the commitments made by the town hall last week at the Paris Council, and which will begin to be implemented. be applied starting this year, on November 25, at on the occasion of the International Day Against Violence Against Women.

This initiative aims to the continuation of a wish deposited; by ecologists and in particular the councilor Raphaëlle Rémy-Leleu. The revised text by the executive provides that in addition to this annual ceremony, “the Hôtel de Ville de Paris is adorned with banners in memory of the victims” and “invites borough town halls to promote symbolic and memorial actions of the same order”.

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“The banners will be seen from afar and it’s çwhat matters”

This will be the case this year for banners and initiatives in town halls. According to our information, flags will be lowered or minutes of silence will be organized in the 20th arrondissement, at Paris Centre, as well as in the 11th and 12th arrondissements. But the deadline was too short according to the town hall to organize a big ceremony, the image of the one organized during the summer of 2019, during which the actress Eva Darlan had ginned; the names of the victims and the mayor of Paris spoke on the forecourt.

Initially the wish asked “the lowering of the flags of the municipal buildings” but the town hall considered that it was “not in the protocols,” equality women-men Hélégrave;ne Bidard, contacted by 20 Minutes. “It’s legally possible and there is a tolerance but for us it’s not an issue. The banners will be seen from afar and that”s what counts,” “Masting at half-mast is a tool that has a strong and universal value, and it could potentially be done in all the villages of France, to send a message to everyone. all women who experience violence,” regrets Raphaëlle Rémy-Leleu.

“Not all violence is visible”

In addition to banners and other actions in district town halls, the city has launched a communication campaign on the consequences of violence on health; of women, which highlights the psychological effects. “Not all violence is visible” sets out the campaign poster that will be distributed in libraries, social action centers, health centers sex and city billboards for two weeks from 25 November. Postcards with the same image and useful contacts will also be distributed in all public reception areas.

Drapeaux en bern, white banners… Paris commemorates the victims of feminicide

The visual of the campaign for the mayor of Paris – Jeanne Louvet

“We need professionals who see blows and bruises to ask the question of violence to the women concerned, but we also want the question to be asked when çit is not physically seen,” ;sume Héléne;ne Bidard.

Complaints up 25%

This year the City of Paris is dedicating half a million euros to associations fighting against violence against women, a budget “increased for more than four years” According to Hélène Bidard. But for the deputy “it’s not enough, we can’t be the only ones. increase these subsidies. We have an increasing number of violence, it’s massive. And faced with; that, we do not have a budget increase from the State nor the personnel dedicated to this. the police, to justice or in associations”.

According to Héléne Bidard, the number of complaints of sexual violence filed with Paris has progressed 25% this year compared to 2021.

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