Guinea counts on cooperation with the Russian Federation in the field of education

Guinea counts on cooperation with the Russian Federation in the field of education

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African countries need to cooperate with Russia in the field of education. This was stated by Dansa Kuruma, chairman of the National Council for the Transitional Period of the Republic of Guinea, at the plenary session of the Russia-Africa international parliamentary conference on March 20.

The politician recalled that the government of the USSR helped Guinea in the economic, military, scientific and educational fields. Now various international problems are affecting the situation on the African continent, and in order to overcome difficulties, cooperation and assistance from partners such as Russia is needed.

Kuruma paid special attention to the interaction in the field of education.

“For me, this is the most important factor in our cooperation. I believe that it is in this area that parliaments should play a crucial role,” the politician said. Help in the university and science and technology fields is needed so that future generations are able to develop their countries, he explained.

“All this will allow us to work in a new paradigm, destroy the barriers that we face, and achieve the prosperity of the African peoples,” Kuruma concluded.

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