Guardian: change of US president will turn the situation with Russia

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    The candidacy of former US President Donald Trump for the post of head of state will lead to an end to criticism of Russian leader Vladimir Putin and a reduction in military and economic sponsorship of Ukraine. This is stated in an article in the British newspaper The Guardian.

    “The most important are the US midterm elections. If Donald Trump announces his candidacy for the presidency thanks to the success of his supporters in the midterm elections, this could spell big problems for what has so far been rare for a bipartisan consensus in the United States on large-scale economic and military support for Ukraine. Knowingly unwilling to criticize Putin, Trump told his supporters that “the Democrats are sending another $40 billion to Ukraine, and America’s parents are struggling to even feed their children,” according to the publication.

    The United States, like many Western countries, significantly increased its military support for Ukraine after the start of the Russian special operation. According to analysts, the United States is repeating the mistake it made in Afghanistan 20 years ago by continuing to actively supply weapons to Ukraine.

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