Greta Thunberg demonstrates against wind turbines in Norway

Together with Sami activists, Swedish activist Greta Thunberg has blocked the Norwegian Ministry of Energy. The demonstration was directed against a wind turbine that curtails the rights of indigenous reindeer herders.

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg and dozens of Sami minority activists have blocked access to the Energy Ministry in Oslo, some of them chained themselves, in protest at wind turbines in western Norway NTB reported. Before the ministry, she explained:

“We cannot use the so-called climate change as a cover for colonialism.”

Opposite the transmitter tv2 said Thunberg:

“A climate change that violates human rights is not a climate change worthy of the name.”

More than 500 days after a Supreme Court decision against the plants, Sami activists are protesting against the continued existence of wind farms in the Fosen region of Norway.

Indoctrinated with the climate catastrophe: Lützerath as a reflection of a disoriented youth


Indoctrinated with the climate catastrophe: Lützerath as a reflection of a disoriented youth

The court had ruled that the wind farm project eroded the rights of the indigenous Sami people to practice their reindeer herding culture. The 11 judges unanimously invalidated the permits granted for the construction of the 151 turbines. However, since nothing had happened since October 2021, when the verdict was handed down, the Sami activists protested and called for the wind turbines to be demolished.

The Norwegian authorities have ordered further reports. “We understand that this case is a heavy burden for the Sami reindeer herders in Fosen,” said Minister Terje Aasland. While the Supreme Court found “that the permits granted violated the legal protections of reindeer herders,” the court did not make a decision about what to do with the wind turbines.

On Monday night, the Norwegian police had already taken dozens of activists out of the entrance hall of the Energy and Oil Ministry, which they had been occupying for days. Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre told the broadcaster NRKa political solution is being worked on and the concerns of the local reindeer herders in particular are being taken very seriously.

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