Gref noted the powerful potential of the Russian market


    President, Chairman of the Board of Sberbank German Gref speaks at the educational marathon of the New Knowledge Society in Moscow - 1920, 12/04/2021

    DUBAI, 4 Dec – Russia, against the backdrop of the energy transition and the authorities’ policy to maintain tough macroeconomic stability in the coming decades, will be one of the most attractive markets in the world in terms of risk-reward, says Sberbank CEO German Gref.
    “Russia faces a very serious transformation, but it also opens up huge opportunities. It seems to me that in terms of risk-reward in the coming decades, Russia will be one of the most attractive markets in the world,” said Gref, speaking at the Russian forum within the framework of Expo 2020.
    The head of Sberbank added that reasonable financial, macroeconomic policies and investment climate add to the attractiveness of the country. “It does not seem to me that the Russian president and government will soon retreat from maintaining very tough macroeconomic stability, which is the basis for any investment,” he said.
    Gref noted that Russia opens up tremendous opportunities for investors due to the lack of proper competition in a number of sectors. For example, agriculture, transport logistics, and the high-tech sector are of particular interest. Also, while there is still the possibility of investments in traditional energy sectors, because they will remain relevant for another 15-20 years, he is sure.
    The head of Sberbank recalled that the volume of necessary investments in Russia’s energy transition will be about $ 1 trillion. At the same time, 80% of this amount can be found within the country through the development of forests and the sale of quotas to reduce greenhouse emissions in the domestic and foreign markets.


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