Greenpeace: Poland will face gas shortages in December 2022

Poland will have enough gas until December 2022, and then the country will face a deficit of 40%. This was announced today, on August 11, by a representative of Greenpeace Polska on the Onet Rano program. Marek Jozefiak.

He said that Greenpeace Polska decided to check how much gas is really enough for Poland in the current conditions, given that the authorities constantly say that the country will have enough coal and gas to get through the winter.

“For several months we have heard assurances from the government that we will have enough coal for the winter. We know how it ended – worldwide emergency purchases and shortages. It’s the same with gas. The government assures us that we will have enough gas for the winter. We decided to check it out,” Jozefjak explained.

According to him, Greenpeace Polska analysts analyzed the gas market in the European Union and Poland, current contracts and the state of storage facilities. They came to the conclusion that already in December, Poland may face a gas shortage of 40%…

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