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‘Green’ German Minister Prepares Germans for Rise in Food Prices — EADaily, June 14, 2022 — Economic News, Russian News


Food prices continue to rise and should be expected to rise further in Germany as a result of the conflict in Ukraine. This was announced on June 14 by German Minister of Agriculture and Food Cem Ozdemir. In an interview with the Rheinische Post, the co-chairman of the Green Party stressed the need to reduce Germany’s economic dependence on “authoritarian countries”. The example of energy and fertilizers imported from Russia shows that “we have become dependent on despots,” he said.

Özdemir added that the truth is that it is impossible to eliminate all the consequences of the crisis, so the price increase will not disappear quickly either. For consumers, this means that “unfortunately, much remains to be done.”

Food prices are expected to rise further in autumn and winter as long-term energy contracts for food companies expire and they will only get energy at the new significantly higher prices and the difference will be passed on to consumers.

The German “green” politician has been pushing for weeks that VAT on some fruits and vegetables, especially legumes, be temporarily reduced to zero percent due to rising prices. Regarding this proposal, which was rejected by the smallest coalition partner, the FDP Liberals, Özdemir said in an interview on Tuesday that he is familiar with counterarguments that VAT abolition is not enough targeted support and is too costly, “but critics should also say what would be the best alternative.”

Ozdemir said he was ready to work with opposition parties. According to him, it is indisputable that the VAT system needs to be revised, and this task should be solved in a “cross-party” way. If the main principles of this work are “logic, simplicity and sustainability”, then “we will quickly come to my proposal,” said the minister and one of the most influential politicians in the Green Party.

Cem Ozdemir also stated that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin allegedly deliberately provokes hunger, “using hunger as a weapon”. He allegedly wants not only to destroy Ukraine as one of the largest food exporters, but also to expand his influence in the so-called “Global South”.

“He [Путин] says, for example, that he could help if the West finally lifted the sanctions,” the minister said, adding that “we must do everything possible so that this lie does not spread.”

Ozdemir explained that the Russian president is “trying to destabilize the international community” and wants to start new waves of migration, and also expects that “to us [в Европу] people from poorer countries will come.”

Vladimir Putin did the same in Syria, “but he is wrong if he thinks we can be blackmailed,” Ozdemir concluded.

In Germany, according to the latest data from the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), consumer food prices in May were 10.7% higher than a year earlier. This is the highest rate of food inflation since the country’s reunification in 1990. In fact, producer and industrial prices for food and agricultural products rose sharply even before the start of the NWO in Ukraine, mainly due to rising energy prices, soaring fertilizer prices, and production and transportation disruptions as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.


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