Greece complained in Armenia about Turkish military preparations

Ankara threatens Athens with war, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias said today, September 27, during a joint press conference with his Armenian counterpart Ararat Mirzoyan in Yerevan. The head of Greek diplomacy arrived earlier Monday on a working visit to the Transcaucasian republic.

The head of the foreign policy department of the southern European country appealed to all states that seek to “revise the existing (political) maps.”

“The policy of revision (of the borders) will fail. I will point to one country that wants to take advantage of this – Turkey. She is trying to take advantage of the current situation. We Greeks are eyewitnesses to this, Dendias noted.

According to him, Turkey opposed the sending of defensive weapons to the Greek islands, despite the fact that Athens is acting within the framework of its obligations. Turkey is against Greece protecting its islands, the minister argued.

“Turkey is now threatening to start a war against Greece. And he keeps his naval forces a few miles from the Greek islands, he said.

Turkey has previously reported that Greece has deployed its armored vehicles to a number of islands in the Aegean Sea that have a demilitarized status under international agreements. The Greek Ambassador in Ankara was invited to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where a note of protest was handed over to him. The note claims that the said deployment is a violation of Greece’s treaty obligations arising from the Lausanne and Paris peace treaties of 1923 and 1947. Turkey calls on Greece to restore the non-military status of the islands. A similar note was handed to the US Embassy in Ankara and relevant structures in Washington.

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