Great football holiday. In Dmitrov, the eighth match of the “Come out into the yard” series was held


    The eighth match of the “Come out into the yard” series in Dmitrov gathered almost two thousand spectators

    Dmitrov hosted the eighth match of the Come Out to the Yard project series. The team of legendary football players met with the amateur team at the Lokomotiv stadium. Nearly 2,000 spectators gathered in the stands.

    The stellar team led by coach Valery Gladilin included Dmitry Alenichev, Yegor Titov, Alexander Shirko, Alexander Filimonov, Evgeny Aldonin, Vasily Ivanov and Dmitry Khlestov. The match was commented by a sports journalist, deputy of the Moscow Regional Duma Oleg Zholobov and TV presenter Viktor Gusev.

    Traditionally, before the start of the match, master classes were held on the field by famous football players, as well as mini-games in the 5×5 format. Pupils of sports schools were able to measure their strength with professionals and receive valuable recommendations from them.

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    And then the match between the star team and the amateur team began. The fight was tense and caused a storm of emotions among the fans. The game ended with a score of 6:4 in favor of the football legends.

    The Ministry of Sports of the Moscow Region noted that for the second match in a row, the winner of the Running League of the Moscow Region is entering the field as part of the star team. This is a new tradition of the “Come out to the yard” project. This format allows expanding the boundaries of sports interests, attracting runners to the football field, and football players to running routes. In Dmitrov, along with the legends, a local resident Dmitry Safin played on the field.

    After the match, Dmitry Alenichev, the owner of the UEFA Cup, noted that each meeting with amateur teams in the Moscow region becomes a real holiday for both athletes and spectators. He paid special attention to master classes with novice football players.

    “The project ‘Come Out to the Yard’ was launched in the Moscow region on the initiative of Governor Andrey Vorobyov. Today is our eighth event. Every time it is a big holiday, and today is a holiday here in Dmitrov. Even in the hour that we spend with the guys, young football players, we already see that a certain talent is visible among them, ”he shared.

    According to Alenichev, there are a lot of guys who are passionate about this sport in different cities of the Moscow region. He expressed the hope that teenagers will reveal their talents and potential, and in the future they will be able to play for the Russian national team.

    “The next meeting of football legends and the amateur team was, as always, bright, with emotions and passion. About 2,000 spectators and participants gathered at the Lokomotiv stadium. Each match is a long-awaited event in every municipality of the Moscow region,” said Dmitry Abarenov, Minister of Physical Culture and Sports of the Moscow Region.

    The head of the Ministry of Sports of the region expressed his gratitude to the famous football players who actively supported the initiative of the Governor of the Moscow Region, charged young athletes and amateurs with emotions. Abarenov specified that the ninth match of the “Come out to the yard” project is planned to be held on August 20 in the Bogorodsky city district.

    The most productive game of the summer series of the project so far was the seventh match in Lyubertsy. The teams scored 15 goals for two. Most of the spectators gathered the game in Balashikha, where five thousand people were present in the stands.

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