Home News Gradsky’s cousin accused him of embezzling an inheritance

Gradsky’s cousin accused him of embezzling an inheritance

Anatoly Lomokhov/Global Look Press
Anatoly Lomokhov/Global Look Press

Cousin of Alexander Gradsky Natalya said that the singer allegedly misappropriated the inheritance due to her by deceit. Writes about it starhit.ru.

The woman said that for about 20 years she has been fighting for the inheritance of her late father. The fact is that the singer’s uncle (her father) deprived Natalya Gradskaya of her inheritance in favor of her nephew. The woman claims that Alexander Gradsky persuaded his uncle to make a will before his death in his favor.

After the death of Alexander Gradsky, Natalia tried to negotiate with his heirs. However, they did not compromise. After that, she decided to announce the story to the general public.

A friend of the late Gradsky previously spoke about the unfulfilled dream of the musician. According to him, the singer did not have time to buy them apartments.



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