Gosuslugi launched a service for receiving deferment applications for IT specialists

At the public service earned a service for receiving deferral applications for IT and telecom specialists, at the moment, due to the risk of DDoS attacks, the service is available only on the territory of the Russian Federation. The press service of the Ministry of Digital Development has published step-by-step instructions for submitting a document.

First of all, the specialist must fill out a form in the personnel department – a confirmation from the employer and sign the UKEP of the general director. It is important to know that when editing a CSV file in Excel, the first characters in the document numbers starting with “0” will be erased – you do not need to fix this.

Next, you should open the service on “State Services” and check the data that should be loaded automatically from your personal account. Then you need to fill in the data on military registration: type of document, its series and number, military rank, position, etc. Next, the user indicates the full information about the higher education received, according to appendix 1 to the order. If the required specialty is not there, you should look for it in the specialty correspondence table in Appendix 2.

Next, you need to fill in the fields with information about the place of work, and then attach to the finished application a confirmation form signed by the head of the organization and a file with a disconnected electronic signature. Then you can submit an application.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation specified that after processing the application, the ministry will send the data to the General Staff, after which the Ministry of Defense will decide not to involve in mobilization.


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