Gosha Kutsenko and Kristina Orbakaite swapped bodies with robots in the new film “Love-carrot”

On March 30, the fourth part of the comedy franchise “Carrot Love. Rise of the Machines”. The creators of the picture showed the film to journalists and revealed the details of the work on it.

The pre-premiere screening and a meeting with the creative team of the comedy took place at the press center of the Rossiya-Today MIA. A new sequel about the adventures of an unusual married couple, Andrei and Marina Golubev, who are played by Gosha Kutsenko And Christina Obrakaite, comes out 13 years after the release of the third part. The couple swap bodies again, but only with a pair of ultra-modern robots. The idea of ​​an unusual plot twist came to the lead actor while driving.

“Renat Devletyarov once told me: think, maybe some idea will come to your mind to continue our Carrot triad? One day I was driving a car at night and I thought about robots, and in the end I had this idea, ” – told Kutsenko.

According to the plot, the Golubevs treat with contempt the gadgets that their teenage son is so “fanatic of”. But, in the end, they themselves find themselves in a situation where they have to survive in the world of high technology and find a common language with robots. Film producer and co-writer Renat Davletyarov told how high-tech props for filming were created.

“We thought that these robots should be graceful. You can’t put Gosha in a robot suit. It will immediately be a killer robot. Therefore, such elegant little robots were needed. And I thought it would be nice to make the faces of Gosha and Christina, ” — said the screenwriter.

The main characters quarrel endlessly until one morning they wake up in the bodies of android tour guides Ivan and Marya. To return to their bodies, the Golubevs will have to overcome contradictions and come to an understanding. That’s just robots want to remain human forever, knowing all the delights of human existence.

“Cool mood, funny jokes, sometimes strange, but they are funny. It seems to me that the audience should watch this film to see how children can see their parents from the outside. Perhaps this film is even more instructive for parents.” – noticed the performer of the role of a teenager Sasha Alekseev.

Gosha Kutsenko admitted that his favorite moment on the set for him was the work on the bed scene with colleague Kristina Orbakaite. According to the artist, this moment left him with the most pleasant impressions.

“It’s a pity that there is no Kristinka now, I hope she also liked working with me in bed. It was really funny. In general, I will say that a family comedy is the most difficult thing in cinema, ” he said.

The viewer will be able to see the new comedy “Love-carrot. Rise of the Machines» in wide release at the end of the month.


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