Google will allow AI to write letters for users in Gmail and “Documents”

American corporation Google launched special generative artificial intelligence (AI) that will help users write draft letters in Gmail and Documents. The new tool is already available to some testers.

Users only need to enter a subject line in Gmail or start a sentence in Docs for the AI ​​to suggest a draft letter or text that can then be edited and improved. Google claims that AI will be able to set the right tone and style for every topic, whether it’s a summary or a report. And for informal communication, Google will offer the “I’m Feeling Lucky” feature. The company does not believe that such a function will replace letters and completely give control over the final versions to the hands of users, who will be able to use drafts and edit them, or completely abandon the proposed AI option. Initially, the program with generative AI will be available only in the US in English.

Evgeny Fedunenko


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