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Glyzin remembered that Shatunov often went under a dropper

globallookpress.com/Viktor Chernov/Russian Look
globallookpress.com/Viktor Chernov/Russian Look

Singer and musician Alexei Glyzin commented on the news about the death of the soloist of “Tender May” Yuri Shatunov. The artist remembered that during his lifetime, his colleague on the stage often went under a dropper.

Glyzin called the departed singer a holy man in comparison with other representatives of show business. According to the musician, Shatunov stood apart and did not participate in dirty scandals. The singer also said that the soloist of “Tender May” had health problems.

“He had sinusitis recently, he often lay under a dropper. But at the same time he led a completely healthy lifestyle. Didn’t drink or smoke. Therefore, what happened is all the more nightmarish, ”the artist complained.

Glyzin added that life did not embitter his colleague, despite a difficult childhood, informs “Evening Moscow”. The musician wondered what his fans would do without Shatunov. The singer called the death of the soloist of “Tender May” a terrible situation and a real shock.

Recall that Yuri Shatunov died on the night of June 23 at the age of 49. The preliminary cause of death of the singer was called an extensive heart attack. The funeral of the artist will be held at the Troekurovsky cemetery.



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