Global Market Crisis | Nifty50: It is not 2008 like crisis in global markets but volatility could take Nifty50 towards 17K: Pritam Deuskar

“It is likely to reach the 17000 or 16800 level. It is advisable to hold some cash to invest in stocks that are part of large megatrends and have strong independent investment theses with high conviction,” Says Pritam Deuskar, Founder Of

In An interview with ETMarkets, Deuskar said: “Market corrections often reflect investors’ concerns about uncertainty. This is a common phenomenon in the financial markets. In the last six months, the Nifty index has been making lower lows and lower highs” Edited excerpts:

What SVB was forced to close its doors. Bank Signature Bank It takes only a few hours.
On WednesdaySVB revealed that it needed $2.25 Billion to maintain its balance sheets. It shocked investors by its aggressive rate expansion and fade reserves.

AdditionallyDespite a less favorable IPO market, some venture capital companies began to withdraw deposits from SVB.

In This led to a bank panic, which left SVB short of capital. The Bank eventually lost $1.8 billion on its bond portfolio.

FinallyThe regulator closed the bank. Although The deposit insurance pool had provided protection for the depositor’s funds. Taxpayers There are no losses that you will have to take on.

The Signature Bank A similar bank panic was experienced. The The only difference is that the signature included crypto currency asset deposits. Another cryptocurrency-focused bank silver gate was forcibly closed earlier last week.

Post Collapse of FTXForeign Trade Exchange), Signature Bank Planned to eliminate $10 billion of digital assets deposits. Investors On the first day of a bank run Signature Bank Their concern over Silver Gate SVB.

The selloff continues in the stock market across the globe – are we staring at another Lehman moment? Another Is there a global financial crisis? What Is this the effect you see on stock markets?
‘NO’ This is the obvious answer, as it can only be used with SVB or Signature. These These are examples of a pure bank panic, and not an interbank issue. AdditionallyThe FDIC covers deposits (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation).No In 2008, there was a shortage of liquidity in the system or a decline in a highly leveraged financial investment, such as a housing loan. HoweverThis could prevent you from completing your task. Fed You can increase rates even more The Speculation will be present on the markets Volatility In the meantime.

What A week for Indian Markets as bears take control pushing the Nifty50 Below 200-DMA Friday. What What prompted the price action?
The Two factors are responsible for the recent correction in US and global markets: The problems faced by Silicon Valley Bank The rise in US jobless claims.

It It is now clear that there will a 25 basis point increase in rates March. HoweverAngesichts der wachsenden challenges, Federal Reserve You may want to halt further rate increases.

This This event has highlighted the deficiencies in large banks’ asset management (ALM), mismatch tracking, and monitoring. Fluctuations The impact of bonds on bank assets can be significant.

What What does a 200-DMA breach mean for traders/investors Important What levels should you be paying attention to?
Market Corrections are often a reflection of investors’ uncertainty-related concerns. This This is a very common phenomenon on the financial markets. In In the six-months since the Nifty Index has made lower lows and higher highs.

It It is possible to reach the 17000- or 16800 level. It It is a good idea to have some cash in order to invest in stocks that are part large megatrends or have strong independent investment theses with high conviction.

I believe in the potential of rail, solar, some automobile ancillaries, green hydrogen stocks, and am optimistic. In In addition, data centers and generators are on the rise. As As we mentioned earlier, the multinational corporations’ manufacturing sector is still strong.

Is It is a buy-on-dips market or a sell-on the rally?
The Current stock market conditions depend on which type of investments you have. If This could be challenging if you are a trader who adheres to specific rules or seeks short-term gains.

HoweverI have been doing well in stock investments over the past year. Canara Bank, Nikhil Adhesives, Gravita India, Kamdhenu?, Cummins India. (Disclaimer Disclosure: These These are not recommendations for investing, but rather examples of why it’s important to be selective when choosing stocks and to have an independent investment reason. Conduct You can do your research on your own and consult a SEBI-registered intermediary. Some Our clients may have some of these stocks.

Realty stocks fell the most last week – what is worrying the sector?
As Real estate investors are highly sensitive to interest rate fluctuations and are concerned about the impact on their projects by fluctuating rates. Internal Rate Of Return (IRR).

Delays Projects can present challenges that have not been encountered before. While The pandemic and the accumulation savings and salary hikes within the IT and finance industries over the past years had helped to increase real estate demand. But, it has seen a slight drop in demand.

Compared The US China, The real estate sector in India It is more likely to perform well. HoweverThe property sales index only slightly increased by 1.2% in the last quarter. December-ending quarter.

If If rates are stable and connectivity is increasing, it is possible that some top industry players will be able make big profits.

Any Stock that looks like a good value stock after the recent fall
I see the railways, solar and a few other auto ancillaries as positive. AdditionallyThe data center and generator themes are hot right now.

As As I mentioned previously, multinational corporations still have manufacturing operations. HoweverPlease note that I don’t make stock recommendations.

(Disclaimer: RecommendationsExperts’ opinions, suggestions, and views are entirely theirs. These They do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Economic Times)

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