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Ghaziabad News: Husband and wife quarrel over cooking… bullets went off, police arrived

In Ghaziabad, UP, there was such a fight between husband and wife over cooking that the matter reached to a fight. When the dispute escalated, the wife called her father and brothers. It is alleged that he came on the spot and opened fire.


  • Couple fights over cooking in UP’s Ghaziabad
  • When the husband returned from work asked to cook, the dispute started
  • Wife called the maternal relatives, after that beating and firing
  • Police reached the spot, recovered empty cartridges, case registered

You must have heard quarrels between husband and wife. But have you ever heard that a bullet is fired for cooking? Yes, a similar case has come up in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. It is alleged that when the husband asked to cook food here, a quarrel started with the wife. This quarrel between husband and wife went on increasing and after some time the maternal relatives also reached. At the same time, bullets also started firing. Police reached on the information of local people and recovered empty cartridges from the spot. A case has been registered against the accused Umaid, Monu, Shakeel and an unknown in the case.

When he returned from work, asked to cook
Sahil, who works as a carpenter, lives with his family in Garima Garden. He was married a year ago to a young woman living in Iqbal Colony. Sahil told that when he returned from work last night, he asked his wife to cook. There was a dispute between the two regarding this, after which the wife gave the information to her father and her brothers.

The family members of the woman beat up, firing
It is alleged that in no time some people from the maternal side reached his house and started beating. During this, the people of Sahil’s family came to the rescue. It is alleged that the people of the maternal side also beat him up and started firing. Hearing the noise, the people of the locality also came out.

family escaped to save life
It was told that the family, terrified of the attack, ran to save their lives. Police say that information is being collected about the weapon with which the firing was done. It is also not clear who fired the bullet from the maternal side during the uproar. Station in-charge Om Prakash Arya said that the matter is related to the couple, so the matter is being investigated on the basis of the complaint of the victim. A case has been registered against the accused.


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