has toughened penalties for those who do not comply with traffic rules on bicycle paths and sidewalks, Europuls reports.

As authorities expect, this summer, thanks to recommendations to maintain social distance due to the coronavirus pandemic, more people will switch from public transport to personal, including on bicycles.

Cyclists are now facing a penalty for riding the wrong track in the amount of 55 euros (before that the fine was 15 euros). You will also have to answer if you stopped on the sidewalk intended only for pedestrians. The fine for this violation was raised from 15 to 25-35 euros, depending on whether the cyclist prevented someone or not.

For car drivers, a complete ban on stopping on bike paths was introduced (previously it was possible to stop for a maximum of three minutes), a fine – from 55 to 100 euros. The same amount will have to pay for parking on the sidewalks.

And in order to overtake the cyclist, the driver must maintain a distance of at least 1.5 meters in the city and two meters on the road outside the city line (previously it was necessary to leave a “sufficient” distance for overtaking without specification).

In addition, the tightening of traffic rules in Germany affected drivers who exceed speed.