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Germany discusses with Poland the supply of weapons to Ukraine as part of an exchange


German Defense Minister Christina Lambrecht said that Ukraine has already received a lot of weapons from the reserves of the Bundeswehr. According to her, Germany is negotiating with Poland on the supply of weapons to Kyiv as part of a circular exchange. A similar agreement has already been reached with the Czech Republic.

“We have agreed on a circular exchange with the Czech Republic, on the transfer of systems from the Czech Republic, we are helping to compensate for this, we want to do the same with Greece now. We are negotiating with Poland,” the minister said (quote from RIA Novosti). What kind of weapon is planned to be delivered in exchange, she did not specify.

In May, the German media reported that relations between Germany and Poland were deteriorating due to the supply of weapons to Ukraine. According to the newspaper, Warsaw handed over almost all of its 240 Russian-made tanks to Kyiv, having agreed with Germany that it would supply Leopard instead, but the negotiations stalled. Information about the disruption of supplies was confirmed by Polish President Andrzej Duda. In June, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced a decision to transfer IRIS-T SLM air defense systems to Ukraine, although the German Defense Ministry said that these systems were not available.

Read about the Russian military operation in Ukraine in the Kommersant online broadcast.

More news in Telegram channel “Kommersant”.

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