New US sanctions on Nord Stream 2, if adopted, will interfere with sovereignty and energy security. This was announced at Uniper, one of ’s five European partners for Nord Stream 2, Prime reports.

A spokesman for the company said Uniper is closely following American moves with respect to Nord Stream 2. According to him, the adoption of the bill on new sanctions proposed by Senator Ted Cruz would be “a clear step towards escalation and further significant interference in EU sovereignty and its energy security.”

“Uniper does not support countermeasures – in general, Uniper rejects sanctions as an instrument of trade policy,” the company emphasized.

As Rambler reported, on June 4, a group of US senators led by Republican Ted Cruz introduced a bill to the US Senate to expand sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Sanctions are aimed at blocking the construction of the gas pipeline. In the , in response to U.S. actions, they suggested thinking through a response to a possible expansion of sanctions.