Germans urged to reduce energy consumption by 20%


    German Federal Grid Agency urged Germans to reduce energy consumption by 20%

    On the eve of winter, households should support the efforts of the German authorities to save electricity. With a statement like reported “Izvestia”representatives of the Federal Network Agency (FSA) of Germany spoke.

    The head of the regulator, Klaus Müller, said that he did not want to speculate about anything, since the issue was under discussion.

    “But I want to be clear: in order to save jobs, I consider austerity measures for private households to be legitimate, if it is not about basic needs,” he said.

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    Restrictions for ordinary Germans, according to Müller, are a last resort. However, he added that if Germany were to face fuel shortages, the move might become necessary. Otherwise, the country’s leadership will not be able to provide public needs during the heating season.

    In addition, Müller urged the Germans to be far-sighted and save electricity whenever possible. This, in his opinion, will help to avoid a collapse in the coming winter. For a successful outcome, according to the agency’s calculations, total energy consumption will need to be reduced by at least 20%.

    Large-scale protests in Germany in the coming autumn and winter were predicted by the authors of the material on the ARD TV channel. As the journalists explained, a rise in energy prices will lead to such a scenario.

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