Germans face unsolvable financial difficulties due to rising gas prices


    Residents of Germany are facing unsolvable financial difficulties due to the fact that the company RheinEnergie wants to increase gas prices for ordinary consumers by more than 100%. Compact magazine writes about it.

    Until recently, gas cost 7.87 cents per kilowatt-hour. Now RheinEnergie intends to increase this amount to 18.3 cents, more than doubling it. In terms of an average household with an annual consumption of 10,000 kWh, this means that the costs, which are now 960 euros, will increase to 2002 euros. The jump in prices will cause intractable financial difficulties not only for low-income citizens, but also for those who earn normally, writes Compact.

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    Earlier, Life wrote that in Germany, the cost of gas has already reached record levels. The increase in average household spending since August last year amounted to 184%. According to the recent price of fuel, the average annual cost of fuel consumption by a family in Germany is over 3.5 thousand euros – about 213 thousand rubles. At the prices of August last year, this amount would have amounted to only 1.3 thousand euros – about 80 thousand rubles.


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