German politicians staged a scandal over the flag of Ukraine in the center of Berlin

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In Germany, a scandal erupted over the proposal of the chairman of the Berlin faction of the “Left” Philip Volfeil, who proposed to hang the flag of Ukraine on the building of the party’s headquarters. The problem is that the building is located on Karl Liebknecht Street, according to the media.

“On the eve of the party congress, a heated discussion flares up in the Left Party. Should the Ukrainian flag hang on the house of Karl Liebknecht, ”the German newspaper reports. Die Tageszeitung.

According to the Germans, the flag of Ukraine on the building, which is located on Karl Liebknecht Street, is a shame. Liebknecht is turning over in his grave. It would be best to rename the Karl-Liebknecht House to the House [пособника нацисткой Германии, националиста Степана] Bandera as a sign of anti-fascist solidarity,” the article added.

Earlier, URA.RU reported that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky arrived in Berlin on the night of May 14 to meet with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. The agency said that the Ukrainian leader during the visit almost lost his phone and charger, and also dropped the medal of Charlemagne. In addition, snipers were noticed in Germany who were on duty on buildings during Zelensky’s visit.


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