German policemen accused of “intolerant” murder of a black man – EADaily, August 11, 2022 – Politics, Europe News


German politicians have accused the police of disproportionate use of force while discussing an incident in Dortmund where a black migrant from Senegal was shot dead by law enforcement officers.

Two or three hundred people had gathered at the scene the day before, criticizing the police. The protest event is a tracing-paper from the history of George Floydkilled by American law enforcement officers.

In Dortmund, a 16-year-old migrant named Mohammed with a knife rushed at passers-by. Eleven police officers tried to neutralize the black man with pepper spray, but in vain. When he ran to the police officers with a knife in his hand, one of them fired six shots from a machine gun, five of which hit the attacker in the jaw, stomach and forearm. Shortly thereafter, he died in the hospital. Such a solution to the problem caused a negative reaction among the ruling coalition.

“This case rightly raises many questions,” deputies from the Dortmund cell of the SPD said in a joint statement. Anya Butskau, Nadia Lueders, Volkan Baran and Ralph Stolze. “In view of the great numerical superiority, was there really no other and more gentle way to prevent the danger to one’s own life?”

In turn, the head of the district of Dortmund Hanna Rosenbaumwhere the migrant was killed, also criticized the police:

“In recent years, we have faced a growing build-up of police forces in the north of the city. Various incidents and allegations of racism in the past have led to a loss of confidence among many migrant citizens.”

Member of the Green Party Dortmund Michael Röhls stated:

“It is incredibly tragic that a young man who fled to Germany dies in the course of a police operation.”

Local politician from the Left Party Luigi Pantisano generally accused the police of racism. He wrote on the microblog:

“Yesterday in Dortmund, a total of eleven police officers ‘failed’ to take a knife from a 16-year-old black boy. They allegedly felt such a threat that they killed him with five machine gun shots. It’s called racism! Black lives matter!”

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