German OBI wants to prohibit its former subsidiary in the Russian Federation from using trademarks

On November 7, the German OBI GmbH filed a lawsuit in the Arbitration Court of the Moscow Region against its former “daughter” in the Russian Federation – OBI FC LLC. OBI wants to seek a court ban on the use of trademarks. This follows from the ruling on the acceptance of the claim, published in the file of arbitration cases.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for January 10, 2024. What trademarks are being discussed is not specified in the court materials. The plaintiff also applied for interim measures. The third party in the case involved JSC Regional Network Information Center (domain name registrar Ru-Center). It must provide a response to the statement of claim and “information on the defendant’s use of trademarks in the domain,” Interfax reports.

According to SPARK-Interfax, OBI FC LLC owns 11 domain names that include “obi”. The domains are provided to her until May-November 2024.

In March 2022, OBI GmH announced the suspension of stores in Russia amid the military operation in Ukraine. In April, the chain’s parent company announced the transfer of Russian business to trust management. Businessman Joseph Liokumovich, who received a controlling stake in the Russian business OBI (60% of the company), said that he bought it for 600 rubles.

Laura Keffer

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