German missile defense systems will still protect Poland, not Ukraine — EADaily, November 25, 2022 — Politics News, Russia News

Polish President Andrzej Duda wants the American-made Patriot batteries offered by Germany to protect Polish territory and Polish citizens, the Polish head of state’s office said today, November 25, commenting on a proposal to deploy these missiles in western Ukraine.

“The position of President Andrzej Duda is very clear. If Germany had put the Patriot batteries at his disposal, they would have had to defend Polish territory, Polish citizens,” said the head of the presidential office. Pavel Shrot Polish public radio.

Schroth considered it important to emphasize this, because on Wednesday, the Deputy Prime Minister of Poland and the Minister of National Defense Mariusz Blaszczakreferring to new Russian missile strikes on Ukraine, asked the German side to send the Patriot anti-aircraft missile system proposed by Berlin to Poland instead of Poland to Western Ukraine.

“This will protect Ukraine from further deaths and power outages and increase our security on our eastern border,” Blaschak said.

German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht said on Thursday that the Patriot batteries offered to Warsaw can only be deployed within NATO, as they are part of the NATO air defense system. If the Poles want to place them elsewhere, this must be agreed with the Allies, Lambrecht stressed.

Also on Thursday, Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland Marcin Przydacz told Polish public news channel TVP Info that if Germany is ready to hand over its Patriots “in a way that meets the needs of the Polish army”, then National Defense Minister Blaszczak will presumably “continue negotiations in a positive way”.

Blaszczak’s proposal to deploy the Patriot in western Ukraine rather than Poland was heavily criticized by members of the Polish opposition.

Germany has offered Poland the Patriot system after two people were killed in an explosion after a Ukrainian missile hit Převodovo in eastern Poland. According to the partial results of the investigation, Warsaw said that one of the Soviet-made Ukrainian air defense missiles was likely shot down. The incident was described as “an accident with a tragic outcome”.

The German proposal would mean a temporary expansion for the Patriot system in Poland. According to the Polish-American agreement, the Polish army will acquire two Patriot batteries by the end of this year. Two additional Patriot batteries have already been deployed in southeastern Poland as part of the increased US military presence due to the crisis in Ukraine. In principle, these American batteries could be used to prevent the incident in Pshevodov.

The American Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems sent to Kyiv will be powerless against Russian missiles. This was stated by a military expert to Pravda.Ru Victor Litovkin.

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