German media found two trails leading to Ukraine in the Nord Stream bombing case

German publications investigated the sabotage at Nord Stream in the Baltic Sea in September 2022. Several people who went to the emergency area on the Andromeda yacht may be involved in it. According to NDR, WDR, Sueddeutsche Zeitung and international media partners, one of them could be a citizen of Ukraine, whose name is known to these media. An excerpt from the investigation leads the publication Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

According to the investigation, another trail leads to Ukraine: the Polish company that rented the yacht names a woman who lives in Ukraine as president in official documents.

According to media reports, the man who may be involved in the Nord Stream bombings is about 20 years old. He hails from a city southeast of Kyiv. Social media photos show a young man, sometimes wearing a military uniform, hard hat and flashy tattoos. It is reported that he previously served in the infantry unit of the armed forces of Ukraine. The man could not be contacted.

The relative explained on the phone that he was currently serving in the army. According to relatives, the man did not leave Ukraine last fall, when the explosions were allegedly being prepared. Ukrainian government agencies did not promptly respond to a request for this information.

The media also found out that the Polish company that rented the Andromeda calls a woman living in Ukraine as president in official documents. By phone, the woman confirmed that she was the president of the company, she left further oral and written questions unanswered. The media speculates that the company registered as a travel agency is a shell company, as well as possibly its president. The travel agency does not have a website and has not seen significant sales for many years, but in 2020 it generated €2.8 million in revenue.

Officials in Poland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany declined to comment on the results of this investigation.

On September 26, Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 experienced huge gas leaks. Sweden said explosions were the cause of the accident. The Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation regarded the incident as an “act of international terrorism.” No one has yet taken responsibility for the attack.

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