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German company cut Nord Stream


Because of the German company, the capacity of Nord Stream decreased by 41%. She untimely returned gas pumping units from repair to a compressor station in Russia. Prices on European stock exchanges rose by 9%.

“Due to untimely return by Siemens (Germany) of gas compressor units from repair, the exhaustion of the overhaul life of the gas compressor unit and the identified technical malfunctions of the engines (an order from Rostekhnadzor on a temporary ban on activities was received), at present, only three gas compressor units can be used at the Portovaya CS” , – Gazprom reports with reference to an operational meeting in the company.

Gazprom added that as a result of gas supplies to the Nord Stream gas pipeline, up to 100 million cubic meters can currently be provided. m per day (with a planned volume of 167 million cubic meters per day).

“The situation is serious, but so far unique, because there are special GPUs at Portovaya,” noted the deputy director of the FNEB Alexey Grivach.

Nord Stream is the main route for Russian gas supplies to Europe. Gazprom used it at full capacity – 167 million cubic meters. But since last week, deliveries began to decline and yesterday amounted to 113 million cubic meters. Gazprom did not explain the reasons, but this may be due to both the compressor station and the decrease in gas demand in Europe.

Whether the company will transfer the falling volumes to Ukrainian transit is unknown. Now Gazprom supplies fuel only through the Sudzha point, since the Ukrainian operator has declared force majeure on Sokhranivka. Sudzha is contracted for 77 million cubic meters per day, but daily deliveries do not exceed 42 million cubic meters per day. Including such a nomination announced today, June 14.

According to the London-based ICE exchange, the cost of gas supplies from the TTF hub for July increased on the news about the reduced capacity of the Baltic gas pipeline by 9% – up to $ 1,020 per thousand cubic meters.

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