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German authorities have allocated €15 billion for the accelerated filling of gas storage facilities


The German Ministry of Economy ordered to allocate about €15 billion for the implementation of measures to fill gas storage facilities in Germany. For these purposes, a loan will be allocated from the KfW banking group. This was reported by the DPA agency with reference to the report of the Ministry of Economy of Germany.

The loan will be allocated to the single German gas hub Trading Hub Europe to provide liquidity for the purchase of raw materials. In addition, the German authorities want to use coal-fired power plants more actively in order to save more gas.

On June 16, Bloomberg reported a decrease in the volume of gas supplies for the largest buyer of gas from the Russian Federation in Germany, Uniper. The reduction in supplies by 25% was due to a 40% restriction in the supply of raw materials to Nord Stream. In Gazprom, the decrease in pumping volumes is explained by the untimely repair work by the Siemens company servicing gas pumping units.

Until February 24, Germany accounted for a third of the total volume of Russian gas supplies to the European Union, or 50 billion cubic meters. m. per year. According to the plan of the German authorities, by the end of this year, Germany’s dependence on Russian gas may decrease to 30%.

About the situation with a decrease in fuel pumping – in the material “Kommersant” “Canada decided not to pump.”

More news in Telegram channel “Kommersant”.

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