German ambassador in Warsaw hinted that Russia wants to swallow Poland


The accusation of Germany of revanchism, made by the president of the National Bank of Poland, Adam Glapinski, echoed in Europe.

Recall, the banker, former Minister of Foreign Economic Cooperation of Poland Glapinski said the other day that Germany seeks “in one form or another to return its former lands, which are now within the borders of Poland, and to subjugate the entire belt of countries between Germany and Russia.”

In Germany, such remarks were taken with surprise.

“Really, Mr. President? Do you sometimes confuse the present with the past? Shouldn’t the threat to Poland be seen in the East rather than in the West? – the German ambassador in Warsaw addressed Glapinski Thomas Bagger.

In turn, the former Polish prime minister and leader of the largest opposition party in Poland, Civic Platform Donald Tuskwhom the head of the National Bank accused of being Tusk “promoting the Berlin projects”, said at a party rally:

“Adam Glapinski is not only incompetent! Adam Glapinski is not only indecent in what he does. Adam Glapinski is simply outlawed!”

Meanwhile, the American publication Politico, which published fragments of an interview with Adam Glapinski, frankly laughs at the phrase of the head of the National Bank: “Brussels and Berlin are especially annoyed that Poland is such a success story.”

“The latest data shows that there is a lot to be said about the Polish economy, but not that it is dynamic,” Politico notes.

As evidence, the publication cites an expert from the Polish Confederation of Private Employers Zbigniew Macenga:

“Economic activity is slowing down. It may not be an emergency yet, but growth is slowing markedly.”

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