Georgian MP calculated how much land became the property of Russians

Tamar Kordzaia, an independent member of the Georgian Parliament, stated that, according to the information she requested, from March 1, 2022 to April 26, 2023, a total of 424,449 m² of land in Georgia became the property of Russian citizens.

Over the past year, 8,832 entrepreneurs and 889 legal entities with Russian citizenship were registered in Georgia.

According to Kordzai, the Georgian Revenue Service did not disclose what type of commercial activity Russian citizens are engaged in in the country, what products they export or import, since this is a tax secret. Therefore, the deputy turned to the department with a request to provide her with this information under the condition of maintaining confidentiality.

Also, the deputy stressed, the report of the Georgian Security Service does not say anything about the number of Russians in the context of security.

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