Georgian government accused of pandering to visiting Russian citizens

In Tbilisi, a rally was held in front of the House of Justice demanding an end to the “uncontrolled flow” of Russian citizens into Georgia, the Georgian TV channel TV Pirveli reported on September 27.

It is alleged that the rally was not of an organized nature, and the citizens allegedly gathered for it spontaneously. The protesters put forward three main demands: 1) to close the border; 2) prohibit the issuance of residence permits to Russian citizens; 3) prohibit Russian citizens from registering a business in Georgia.

“We cannot accept such a number of Russian citizens in Georgia, and in general, these actions of the Georgian Dream raise many doubts. After all, do they want to leave them here forever and turn them into an electorate? .. in a year they are going to give them citizenship and generally completely assimilate them.– said Lika Basilaya-ShavgulidzeMember of the Board of the Public Broadcaster (State TV and Radio Company) of Georgia.

Recall that after the announcement in Russia …

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