Gazprom offers to sell liquefied gas to Europe for rubles

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    Sanctions against Russia in general and the Urals in particular

    The Russian company Gazprom, which exports liquefied natural gas to Europe, considers it expedient to pay for it in rubles. This statement was made by the deputy head of the Gazprom department, Kirill Polous.

    “With the introduction of counter-sanction measures, the development and implementation of this mechanism [оплаты за рубли] is becoming increasingly important strategically for the country, and now such a mechanism must be introduced. Pipeline gas is traded with unfriendly European counterparties for rubles, but in this case, such measures do not apply to the LNG segment, ”TASS quoted him as saying.

    Due to the forced Russian special operation on the territory of Ukraine to denazify and demilitarize the latter, Western countries imposed tough sanctions against the Russian Federation. In particular, banned the supply of oil from Russia. However, the Russian authorities responded to the restrictions.

    For the first time, the requirement to switch to paying for gas in rubles was voiced by Russian President Vladimir Putin, reports Nation News. The proposal was conditioned by the desire to eliminate dependence on the currencies of countries recognized as unfriendly. It also provided significant support to the national currency and the domestic economy, adds “Federal news agency“. After that, the US dollar and the euro began a rapid decline, which has been going on for several months in a row. US analysts have already recognized the ruble as the strongest currency in the world.


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