“Gazprom” has reduced the pumping of gas through Ukraine to 39.8 million cubic meters. m


The volume of gas supplied by Gazprom through Ukraine as of today, March 4, has decreased by 6.1%, to 39.8 million cubic meters. m. The day before, it reached 42.4 million cubic meters. m. Transportation is carried out through the Sudzha gas measuring station (GIS), Ukraine rejects applications for pumping through the Sohranivka GIS, which is not controlled by Kiev. This was reported to journalists by a representative of Gazprom, reports TASS.

In May 2022, Ukraine refused to resume gas transit through Sokhranivka until control of the system was regained. Through this GIS, a third of Russia’s gas supplies to Europe were carried out. After that, the volume of Russian gas pumped to Europe decreased, now it comes only through Ukraine and Turkey. On February 22, Gazprom restored gas pumping to last year’s level.

About the company’s supplies – in the publication “Kommersant” “Gazprom is catching up.”

Laura Keffer


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