Home News “Gazprom export” did not recognize the requirements of the German Uniper

“Gazprom export” did not recognize the requirements of the German Uniper


Gazprom Export does not recognize the claims of the German company Uniper for damages

The Russian company Gazprom Export is studying a claim filed by the German gas importer Uniper, the press service of Gazprom Export reported.



Ivan Shilov © IA REGNUM

The defendant notes that he does not recognize the violation of contracts and the legitimacy of the claims of the German organization for damages. Gazprom Export stated that the company would defend its interests.

Earlier, Uniper announced that it had filed a lawsuit with the international arbitration court against the specified Russian organization. The German company is demanding compensation for the damage it allegedly suffered due to the shortage of gas since June 2022. Uniper estimated its losses at 11.6 billion

As reported IA REGNUMin mid-September, Reuters reported that Uniper was considering filing a lawsuit against Gazprom in the Stockholm Arbitration.

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