Gaza’s only power plant may shut down due to lack of fuel from Israel

Gaza’s only power plant could shut down in the coming hours or days due to lack of fuel. This was announced by the press secretary of the company for the distribution of electricity in Gaza, Muhammad Tabet. According to him, fuel supplies at the station are about to run out.

“There is a fear that the station will stop within a few hours or days,” said Mr. Tabet (quoted from Al Arabiya). He also pointed out that the energy deficit is about 55%. “We called on all interested parties to open the Kerem Shalom checkpoint and allow the import of fuel necessary for the operation of the power plant,” a company spokesman said (quoted by the agency Safa).

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Authority for Energy and Natural Resources in the Gaza Strip reported that the energy deficit had reached 52%. According to the statement of the management, which leads Palinfothe power plant will shut down at noon next Monday, May 15.

Since May 9, Israel has been conducting a military operation “Shield and Arrow” in the Gaza Strip, directed against the Palestinian radical movement “Islamic Jihad”.

Read about the next escalation of the conflict between Israel and Palestine in the publication “Kommersant” “One homeland for two.”

Maria Fedotova


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