Many people in an effort to lose weight resort to various trendy diets. Gastroenterologist Andrei Kharitonov told what mistakes in nutrition can undermine health.

Eating extremes can often lead to health problems. The specialist, in particular, drew attention to popular keto diets, mono-diets, and intermittent fasting.

A diet in which fats dominate and carbohydrates are limited, at a minimum, threatens to increase cholesterol levels, which is fraught with the development of atherosclerosis. In turn, the use of only one or a few certain products also does not bring much benefit to the body, apart from the visual effect.

Also, long periods of fasting can be a health hazard. As a result, the body seeks to replenish energy, return lost calories and accumulate, transmits “Doctor Peter”.

Nutritionist Irina Strogaya previously told what foods should be limited in the diet. So, she attributed sausages, sausage and yogurt to junk food.



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