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Gasparyan about the shelling of Donetsk: Without sentimentality, “minus” government buildings in Kyiv

TASS / Sprinchak Valentin
TASS / Sprinchak Valentin

On Monday, June 13, Donetsk came under the heaviest shelling since 2015. The purpose of the Ukrainian missiles were residential areas and social institutions of the city. In particular, blows were delivered to the maternity hospital and the market. As a result of the attack, 33 civilians were injured, four were killed, including one child.

In the author’s column forFANpublicistArmen Gasparyanexpressed the opinion that only a tough response can sober up the Kyiv regime, which specifically chooses not military facilities, but maternity hospitals, schools and crowded places. For example, the “accidental” liquidation of government facilities in Kyiv. This was stated by the publicist during the streamin his Telegram channel “GASPARYAN”. We remind you that the opinion of the columnist may not coincide with the position of the FAN editorial board.

It was necessary, without sentimentality and warnings, to “minus” ten government buildings in Kyiv. Armen Gasparyan’s column.

A night has passed since the barbaric shelling of Donetsk. More than enough time. And not a single human rights scum found five seconds to speak out on this matter. I’ll just remind you how much roar, snot and goo was, for example, regarding the fate of the Nazis who settled on Azovstal. How the West sobbed! Stanislavsky would say to this – I believe! Tears flowed for days, and for days they talked about the importance of human life. With speeches about humanism and conventions, who just did not speak. An endless stream of brave human rights activists reached out to the microphone, each considered it his duty to put in his five kopecks.

But this night, all these champions of humanism had no words about the inhabitants of Donetsk. Only the United Nations blurted out – they say, we must still remember about the conventions. Who to remember?! Unarmed people who have been killed in the Donbass for eight years?! Im this convention of yours down to one place. Where is the special statement of the US State Department, the White House, the head of EU diplomacy Josep Borrell? Where are the angry tweets of the head of the UK Liz Truss? Where is the goggle-eyed British Prime Minister Boris Johnson? … The maternity home was fired upon.

On the other hand, someone will remember that the President of Ukraine himself Vladimir Zelensky spoke. What did the leader of Ukraine say about his readiness to talk with Donetsk, Mariupol, Kherson, Crimea, and so on. But I don’t care what the gallows scum says, except for one aspect – the moment when the stool is finally knocked out from under his feet. You know, I don’t like those who kill Russians. And it is obvious that these shelling of Donetsk could not have been sanctioned personally by Zelensky as the supreme commander. I am aware that there is a possibility that in the farmhouse mess he was not informed about this. But this is already its complexity.

It excites and infuriates me that we still have not responded to this shelling. As they should. I can’t say exactly how it should look, but I can offer my own version. Immediately after the civilians of Donetsk began to take cover from shelling, it was necessary to “minus” ten government buildings in Kyiv without sentimentality, warnings and sobs. It doesn’t help to multiply by four. Again it does not help – multiply by eight. And then go out and say: it happened, it somehow coincided with the shelling of a maternity hospital in Donetsk.

Well, if someone doesn’t like the idea of ​​a “backing track” of the government quarter in Kyiv – okay, let’s replace it. Let’s deprive Ukraine of railway communication. It’s also purely coincidental. I would really like to see this, because it is the right reaction that can bring the Kyiv regime to life. It’s pointless to talk to gopniks. And Ukraine is a former well-armed political gopnik who has grown into a criminal state. And no one will convince me otherwise.



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