Gasoline and diesel prices have risen sharply in the Kurgan region

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In the Kurgan region, prices for AI-92 gasoline and diesel fuel increased by almost 2% over the week. The latest data is published on the Sverdlovskstat website.

“According to September 18, the average price for AI-92 gasoline increased to 48.62 rubles per liter, which is 1.89% more than the price on September 11. The average price of a liter of diesel fuel was 62.72 rubles, 1.65% more expensive,” as indicated in the weekly registration of consumer prices by Sverdlovskstat.

Gasoline grades AI-95 and AI-98 increased in price by less than 1%. The average price for this fuel was 52.47 rubles and 65.20 rubles, respectively.

URA.RU wrote about an increase in fuel prices in the Kurgan region in July 2023. Then the price of one liter of AI-95 gasoline was 50.49 rubles, AI-98 – 61.54 rubles, and diesel – 57.77 rubles.


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