From October, it will be necessary to apply for a subsidy to the Pension Fund

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From October 1, a phased transfer of the function of administering the system for assigning housing subsidies from the social protection authorities to the Pension Fund of Ukraine begins.

According to Ukrinform, this is reported by Ministry of Social Policy with reference to Deputy Minister Vitaly Muzychenko.

“The current mode of administration of the housing subsidies program assumes that subsidies are assigned and paid by the social protection authorities at the place of registration of a person. In the conditions of martial law in some regions there is no opportunity to carry out the relevant work. Therefore, a decision was made to gradually change the system for assigning and paying housing subsidies and benefits. I want to emphasize that we are talking about the administration of payments. Not conditions, not criteria for their provision. With the beginning of the heating period, subsidies will be assigned by the Pension Fund, which is already operating on an extraterritorial basis. That is, it doesn’t matter where a person is located, it will be possible to apply for a subsidy to any structural unit of the Pension Fund anywhere in Ukraine,” Muzychenko said.

He explained that it is possible to apply for the appointment of subsidies through several channels. Before the start of the heating period, applications are accepted by the social protection authorities at the place of registration of the person. If a person has the status of an internally displaced person, you can contact the ASC or an official of the territorial community at the place of actual residence.

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“If a person applies for a subsidy at the place of his actual residence, and not at the place of registration, he must document the basis on which he lives here – that is, provide either a rental agreement or a certificate from an internally displaced person,” the Deputy Minister emphasized.

In addition, an application for the appointment of a subsidy can be sent by mail or submitted electronically through the Diya portal or the official website of the Ministry of Social Policy.

From the beginning of the heating period, applications for the appointment of housing subsidies will be accepted by service centers of the Pension Fund of Ukraine, the ministry noted.

As reported, on September 16, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a resolution transferring the authority to prepare payment documents and finance payments of subsidies and benefits to the Pension Fund. The resolution provides that Pension Fund of Ukraine will pay the subsidies and benefits appointed by the social protection authorities from October 1. From December 1, the Fund will both assign and pay subsidies and benefits.

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