French politician laughed at Macron’s photo at Xi Jinping’s reception

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French President Emmanuel Macron was awkwardly seated at the table during a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Kitaka. This fact was noted with irony by the leader of the French People’s Republican Union Francois Asselino.

“Macron and von der Leyen sat on office chairs with wheels, too low and uncomfortable – they had nowhere to put their legs,” he wrote on Twitter. The politician published a photo from the meeting, calling Macron’s pose while sitting at the table “Chinese torture.”

French President Emmanuel Macron visited the Great Hall of the People in Beijing for talks with Xi Jinping. A photo of Macron and Xi in Beijing from that business meeting, posted on Twitter, drew ridicule from social media users. During the dialogue, politicians were sitting at a round table at a very large distance, which caught the eye of subscribers. In addition, Florian Filippo, a former MEP and leader of the Patriots movement, noted that the reception of French President Emmanuel Macron in China shows that he is not taken seriously.


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