French gays infect their own dog with monkeypox


A gay French couple infected their dog with monkeypox, about it writes edition of the New York Post. Two Parisians, aged 27 and 44, caught the virus from other men they had sex with. And after a while they noticed that ulcers appeared on the pet’s stomach.

The couple took the dog to the vet. The doctor confirmed that the animal also had monkeypox. Later it turned out that both Frenchmen had ulcers and rashes on their skin, and the dog licked the faces of the owners, which is why he picked up the virus.

“The men reported sleeping with the dog. They were careful to prevent their dog from coming into contact with other pets or people from the time they developed their own symptoms.” doctors said.

The publication notes: this is the world’s first confirmed case of monkeypox infection among pets.


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