FOX News: F-16 fighter failed to hit an air object over Lake Huron in the first time with a missile

On February 12, the US Air Force destroyed an aircraft found in the airspace over Lake Huron (located between US Michigan and Canadian Ontario). According to FOX News citing officials, the F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter and two Sidewinder missiles were used to hit the Air Force facility – one of them did not hit the target.

The FOX material notes that the site of the landing of the first rocket is still unknown. Its cost is about $400 thousand.

Since the end of January 2023, the US authorities have regularly reported the destruction of air objects that pose a danger to civil aviation. The first such incident occurred on January 28, when a PRC stratospheric balloon entered the airspace over Alaska.

For more information about unidentified flying objects over the United States, see Kommersant’s article “The whole sky was searched.”

Andrey Sapozhnikov


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