Fox News: Americans will get a “hot” war with Russia and China against their will

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The United States will achieve the start of a war with Russia and China if it continues to follow the lead of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. This opinion was shared by the American conservative political commentator Tucker Carlson.

“Well, it looks like you will get a hot war with Russia and China, whether you like it or not,” Tucker Carlson addressed the US representatives with these words. fox news. “Yesterday morning, an American Reaper drone sank over the Black Sea. We still don’t know exactly what happened. […] We do not know, and it is unlikely that we will be able to find out in the near future. Or maybe we will never know,” he added.

“Instead of answering with reason, to convince Ukrainians that [конфликт] with Russia is somehow beneficial, these people just stubbornly insist on it. They don’t care about Ukraine. Ukraine means nothing to them. If it happened they would like to stop [конфликт]but they don’t care. They fuel the flames of this conflict. That’s how much they care about Ukraine,” said Tucker Carlson.

Earlier, Russian Foreign Ministry Ambassador-at-Large Nikolai Korchunov expressed concern about US preparations for war with Russia and China. The reason for the experience was the materials of foreign media, which talk about the preparation of the United States for a conflict with Russia and China in the Arctic. The New York Times wrote that if China allied with Russia, the two countries would be a more dangerous adversary for the US if the superpowers ever collided.

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