Four side sections were made for the Chukotka nuclear icebreaker


In Astrakhan, at the production sites of the United Shipbuilding Corporation, four blocks of side sections weighing 338 tons were created for the Chukotka nuclear icebreaker of project 22,220 type LK-60Ya. This is reported by the Internet channel Russia Astrakhan.

To create four blocks shipyard “Lotos” it took 3 months. The blocks will be loaded this week and sent to the Baltic Shipyard in the city of St. Petersburg, where the Chukotka nuclear icebreaker is being built. After loading, four sections will be delivered within 20 days.

“Lotus employees are loading in the shop. In order for the barge to get into the workshops, a slip system is used, which allows the barge to be lifted out of the water and moved to the workshop. After that, there is loading, in this case, four sections. Then the towing barge with part of the cargo moves to the second platform – this is …

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