Four planes cannot fly to Tyumen

Roshchino Airport.  Tyumen, airport, Roshchino

Four planes cannot fly into Tyumen Roshchino airport at once. Flights are delayed for several hours. The data is posted on the airport website. Flights from Ufa, Moscow, Krasnoselkup (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug) and Yekaterinburg should arrive at the air harbor late.

“According to the schedule, the plane from Ufa was supposed to arrive at 10:55. Estimated time of arrival is 16:10. The flight from Moscow was expected at 14:45, according to new data it will arrive at 16:45,” it is indicated on the board.

Flights from Yekaterinburg and Krasnoselkup are delayed by less than an hour. There, the waiting time for an aircraft to arrive does not exceed several minutes.

The press service of Roshchino reported that the flight from Ufa was delayed due to the replacement of the aircraft. From Krasnoselkup – due to the late arrival of the plane. The flight from Moscow will arrive late due to an aircraft malfunction, and from Yekaterinburg due to the lack of a reserve aircraft.


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